Geigerrig InLine Crypto Filter

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Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration bladders push the water through the inline water filter allowing you to drink fresh spring water while you are on the go. Yes, carrying a 1.5 oz water filter on your backpacking trip is easier than loading your pack with water bottles and bladders.


  • 1.5 oz for weight savings
  • Rated to filter up to 50 gallons for extended adventures
  • Removes ≥99.9% Cryptosporidium and Giardia for protection on the hiking trail or backpacking trip.
  • Filter made of activated coconut shell carbon
  • Reduces chemical and improves taste and odor
  • Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media