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Go Bag

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Gear to get you through.

We cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared. In this day and age, anything can happen, requiring you to leave your current location for your personal safety and the safety of your family.

Therefore, Big Adventure Outfitters has put together a bundle of gear to get you through should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Go Bags are packaged in a weatherproof Patagonia Black Hole Cube, either 6L or 10L - giving you the choice of a Medium or Large bag.

All Go Bags include:

  • Portable Power Pack by Coghlan's
  • Ultimate Multi-Tool by Gerber + Bear Grylls
  • 1920 Flashlight by Pelican
  • Mini Water Filtration System by Sawyer
  • 1 Light Stick by Coghlan's
  • Scout Survival Pack by Survive Outdoors Longer
  • Paracord by Marbles
  • CAT Tourniquet by Recon Medical
  • Individual First Aid Kit 

You'll add to your Go Bag:

  • Change of clothes
  • Emergency money
  • Emergency contacts
  • 3 days of medications
  • Copy of passport and identification
  • Back up communication devices
  • Maps and schedules
  • Additional first aid
  • Food

Additional, premium Go Bag gear is also available at a separate cost.