Sup Elite Belt Pack Inflatable Life Jacket

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Get the safety you need and complete freedom to move while on your stand up paddleboard with a Stearns SUP Elite Belt Pack Inflatable Life Jacket. Its easy-on, belt design leaves your upper body completely free. You may even forget you're wearing this US Coast Guard-approved life jacket. At the same time, the patented L-Tab webbing catch secures excess belt length to help keep you from getting snagged. It will only inflate manually, so if you fall off your board or want to take a swim, you can without it inflating. The clear, arming status window makes it easy to check that your life jacket is armed and ready. If you need to carry some extra gear on you, a zippered pocket and a triangular accessory hook with spring clip make it easy. With the durable nylon shell, this life jacket is sure to be with you on your paddleboard season after season.

• US Coast Guard-approved life jacket - Type V/III
• Easy-on, belt style for added safety you'll forget you're wearing
• Front-mounted inflation chamber allows wearer to float on back
• Manually inflates with a pull of the lanyard
• Triangular accessory hook with a spring clip for easy attachment of extra gear
• Zippered accessory pocket for easy access to gear
• Arming status window makes it easy to check that your inflator is ready
• Patented L-Tab™ webbing catch secures excess belt length
• Nylon shell for long-lasting durability
• 22.5 lbs. of buoyancy
• 16-gram CO2 cylinder
• Easy to rearm with Stearns® Rearming Kit #0925
• Approved for use by individuals 16 years and older, weighing 80 lbs. or more