To explain the Big Adventures' beginnings, we need to go back. 

A mutual love for world travel, culture and adventure among a group of friends resulted in the birth of an idea: an adventure travel company. In June of 2015, Big Adventure Travel Company opened its doors. With experience in 90+ countries collectively, the team set forth with the goal of reviving the art of exploration through offering tailored, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences. The heart was for clients to not only see the world, but to LIVE it. No holds. Full force. Hands on. 

When you place creative, world-travel loving individuals in a small shared office space, its impossible for dreams not to flow. Inspired by the clients sent all over the world every year, Big Adventures set forth on their next big initiative: developing an Outfitter store to equip the travelers and explorers being sent off. After a year of intense planning and strategizing, Big Adventure Outfitters opened its very first brick and mortar store on April 4, 2017. Located in downtown Thomasville, Georgia, the Outfitter store is found in the heart (and heat) of the deep South, rich with culture, tradition and easy access to a myriad of adventure destinations. 

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