Geopress Replacement Cartridge

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Each Geopress filter provides complete protection from all pathogens, even viruses.  Also filters particulates, chemicals and heavy metals. Improves taste, smell and clarity. Provides 350 presses.


Inside the purifier cartridge, non-woven ceramic media fibers block particulates and provide structure for two technologies: positively charged ions (i.e. molecular magnets) and powdered activated carbon.  As dirty water is forced through the media, ion exchange permanently binds pathogens (i.e. virus, protozoa, bacteria).  Activated carbon absorbs chemicals, heavy metals, flavors, and odors.

At GRAYL we take water safety very seriously and rigorous quality control and testing process is thorough, intensive, expensive and worth every dime. Each batch of purifier cartridges we make are thoroughly tested and meet or exceed United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Drinking Water Standards. GEOPRESS removes 99.99% of virus (e.g. Rotavirus, Norovirus, Hepatitis A), 99.9999% of bacteria (e.g. E coli, Salmonella, Dysentery), and 99.9% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amoebae).